Imagine a tool that can tell the source of yield-killer particles on silicon wafers. The data of such a technology would be the golden standard for a fab operator to take the corrective action in the shortest possible time with the highest confidence level. Such a machine can realize a quick investment return and significant long-term value for a fab. The vision of UNISERS in the semiconductors industry is to find the source of every particle on a wafer. UNISERS will change the paradigm of particle inspection in the semiconductors industry, providing a direct correlation between the particles on wafer and particles of process chemicals.

For this reason, we have been working on developing on-wafer analysis techniques for ultrapure water (UPW) and some liquid chemicals in collaboration with the industry. We will make the on-wafer particle analysis a practical and financially feasible method for the entire ecosystem, including vendors and sub-vendors. UNISERS offers the industry a platform to find the source of the problem, regardless it is in the fab or one of the vendors.


Ali O. Altun PhD   
CEO & Co-Founder

CEO & co-founder & president of the board. Ph.D. at ETHZ on nanotechnology and optical spectroscopy. 17-years technical experience in semiconductors, optics, and sensors in Switzerland, S. Korea, and California. In recent years, Dr. Altun established a valuable network in the semiconductors industry and its vendors (chemicals and tools providers), participating in IRDS meetings and contributing to major industry events with oral presentations. He has a deep understanding of the particle metrology issues of the semiconductors ecosystem and existing technologies. He is a trained scientist with experience in experiment design and data interpretation. He received his Ph.D. degree in nanotechnology and optical spectroscopy at ETH Zurich. He can fluently communicate in English, Korean, and Turkish.

Timo Schneider
Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

Co-founder, chief engineer, MSc. at ETHZ. Timo is a self-made product designer with significant experience in computer-aided design and manufacturing, fast-prototype development, 3D printing, calibration and testing, control systems, and project management. In recent years, he successfully developed prototypes, including UNISERS nanocoaters, optical scanners, and liquid handling technologies such as successive spin driers. His lean product development skills and creativity have been critical assets of UNISERS. In addition, he established a technical network for product design, development, and industrialization. He can fluently communicate in English, German, and Spanish.

History, awards & recognitions


UNISERS Ltd. was founded on 11.04.2019 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich. Before the foundation of the company, Dr. Altun received the Pioneer Fellowship Grant from ETH Foundation that includes a special entrepreneurship education program organized by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab of ETH Zurich. During its early stages, the company received awards, grants, and business coaching support from Gebert Ruef Foundation, Venture Kick (First round), Climate KIC, and the Innosuisse Core Coaching Program.