UNISERS accepted for the MassChallenge Switzerland

UNISERS is one of the 19 Swiss Start-Ups accepted for the MassChallenge Switzerland. Read more on startupticker.ch

Second collaborative test with the IRDS was presented at Ultrapure Micro

UNISERS has been collaborating with the IRDS Yield enhancement team to answer fundamental questions of particle defectivity on semiconductor wafer processing. A test was performed in collaboration with a leading fab and well-established analysis laboratory in the USA to understand the defectivity mechanism of high-molecular-weight organics (HMWO). HMWO exists in high-purity liquid chemicals for several production steps. Liquid distribution and filtration systems are constructed using high-performance and high purity polymers such as PFA. Polymers can generate small organic particles in liquids. Such particles can pass through the ultra-filtration membranes and reach the wafers. Today, the severity and mechanisms of defect formation through HMWO are not understood fully. A wafer particle inspection technology with a sub-10nm detection limit is required to understand the HMWO problem better. UNISERS is proud of being a part of these studies with its 8-nm particle detection capability. The committee Chair Slava Libman presented the results of the joint test during the Ultrapure Micro conference 2020.