"making the invisible visible"

We develop a radically new technology to find and characterize the tiniest particles on any type of wafers

Generating value for the entire semiconductors ecosystem

Our solution can detect size, concentration and chemical composition of nanoparticles with cutting edge sensitivity and molecular specificity. Our product portfolio can correlate particle defectivities of wafers with individual process chemicals connecting facilitating a more reliable and stronger production yields with a lower carbon-footprint.

semiconductor chip manufacturers

We help semiconductors industry improve yields by monitoring defectivity of high-risk processes as well as individual process chemicals.

chemical and filter suppliers

We offer chemical and filter providers an affordable and sensitive quality control platform which can validate the on-wafer defectivity with cutting-edge particle detection sensitivity.

semiconductor tool providers

We help tool producers fulfill tight defectivity requirements by helping them find the source of particles.

environment and sustainability

1% improvement of the manufacturing yield in semiconductors industry saves move than 10 billions of liter water, 500,000 tons of fossil fuels and 20,000 tons of toxic gas.