UNISERS fab tools are designed for fabs to monitor the defectivity of

    • processes (300mm tool) and
    • process chemicals (+successive-spin-drying module)

Existing inline and offline analytical tools for the process chemicals can not provide a direct forward correlation with the risk of defectivity. Monitoring the defectivity of chemicals before they touch the wafer surface is crucial for quick preventive action. In addition, the correlation of defectivity on 300mm wafers with individual process chemicals can help fab operators find the source of defects and improve yields.

UNISERS lab suite is designed for the R&D and chemical testing laboratories. This suite consists of the nanocoater, optical scanner (with Raman), and successive-spin-drying modules. The suite can provide:

  • particle size distribution.
  • chemical classification (with Raman).

Using the successive-spin-drying module, on-wafer analysis of process chemicals is also possible.