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Innovative Signal Enhancement

The enabling technology of UNISERS is a unique vacuum-based coating process.

The coating makes contamination on surfaces (most often a silicon wafer) shine brightly in a dedicated optical scanner.

Our plasma-assisted coating technology deposits special nanostructures on any particles (contamination) on the wafer. These created nanostructures hold localized surface plasmons which can be resonated by an incident light source.

Resonance of the localized surface plasmons facilitates orders of magnitude signal-to-noise improvement of the scattered light.

Our optical scanner quickly acquires microscopy images of the surface of the wafer. Individual nanoparticles down to 8 nm size are detected and their actual size is determined from the optical signal, a technique we call Surface Enhanced Particle Sizing (SEPS).

Our software calculates the particle density on the wafer (particles/cm2) as well as the particle size distribution.

The uniquely enhanced optical microscopy images of the individual nanoparticles allow physical classifications of the contamination by shape, appearance, agglomeration and surrounding residues.

Our scanner is able to record the Raman spectrum of individual nanoparticles by means of Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS), hence allowing fast chemical characterization and classification of thousands of individual nanoparticles by their molecular fingerprint.

It needs to be highlighted that our process is truly UNIVERSAL and works highly reliably for any kind of nanoparticles on any flat surface (usually unpatterned wafers).

Hence our company name – UNISERS.

Application of Our Technology

Discover how our technology will improve chip manufacturing yield significantly and prevent critical yield excursions.